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Humm Magnifique 06/06/2018

Le beau temps reviens petit ŕ petit 06/06/2018


Remix from Elodie-423


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Drops of rain
Drops of cold rain seek love
Winter drops ignite the heat
Warm breaths from your caressing lips push the cold.

That the cold penetrates for hugs, hugs of winter
Seeing you reflected in a pool of sullen rain
That the sky is gray imagines your smiling lips
The thunder marks the fear, the fear in you
Lightning illuminates the light from your soft face.

Drops of rain seek drops of love
The cold looks for your body temperature, your caressing arms
Looking for the sun in a cold winter, the colors of the rainbow flooding me with memories of love
Drops of rain, asking you for me
The cold is looking for the heat that burns out of you


Together we will spread the cold and embrace the heat
A hug of love, a embrace of winter
Without a gray sky, hot days of love ....
Horny Alona.
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Remix from alona2555

Lázně I 10/09/2017

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